Bed and Breakfast “Sotto le stelle ai Decumani” is a private apartment and a small family run hotel where guests can find one or more bedrooms to comfortably stay in Naples. Guests can book  up to three rooms for accomodation in accordance with current legislation in Campania – Italy.


The check in time is from 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm > later arrivals (after 7:00 pm)  must be arranged in advance with the management.
On arrival, guests are required to present a valid ID card for registrations as per Italian law (communication to the District Police Office of names and the time spent). Failure to comply with this requirement constitutes a violation to the rules of Law. Documents will be returned upon departure.
Please inform the hotel in advance of your arrival in case of heavy and/or outsized luggage in order to properly arrange the service, given the lack of elevator in the building. Not suitable for people with difficulties in walking or weariness.

Check out
The latest time for checking out is from 11.30am on your day of departure. Checkout time can be extended without charge when requested in advance and confirmed by the management.


The keys will be handed over after bill settlement, to be returned to the operator on the day of departure, or the night before. We regret that we will have to charge for lost keys, the fee is of € 100.00 per key.

Remote control

Each room will have a remote control for air conditioner and television. In case of loss or breakage there is a penalty of € 50.00 for each remote control.


Any damage, breakage, tampering and/or forcing furniture, furnishings and amenities of the room or of the structure will be charged at current market prices.

Breakfast is served in the common room between 08.30 am and 10.30 am


Rooms are supplied with all facilities (towels, hairdryer, toiletries and personal hygiene). Rooms are serviced daily, we ask our guests to leave the rooms from 11.30 am to 2.00 p.m.. If you do not want your room serviced on any particular day, then please display the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the outside of your room door, and for that day the service will be cancelled.

We kindly ask our guests to take care and keep the door of the rooms always closed, to respect other guests’ privacy as well as their own.


On confirmation of rooms availability, via the website or by phone, you will be required a part deposit equal to about 30% of one night accommodation cost.
Settlement can be done using accepted credit cards or with a credit transfer
Iban: IT44S0326803403052804347280  –  Bic/Swift:

In case the deposit is not paid 2 days after confirmation, and in absence of any communication or clarification, the BB will be free to accept other bookings.
Upon arrival, full booked accommodation costs need to be paid even in case of late arrival or early departure.


Refund of the deposit is allowed only in case the cancellation is
notified at least 10 days before the scheduled arrival. After this term there will be no refund. In case the BB itself would be forced to cancel your reservation, you will receive an immediate notification and full refund of the deposit.

Personal belongings
The management is not accountable for any loss of personal belongings in the room or in the common areas. We invite our clients to keep their valuables into the safes in their rooms.


For reasons of order and security, it is absolutely not allowed to let access to strangers, friends or anyone not registered as a guest of B&B
Door phone 
guests shall not answer the doorphone, doorbell or the phone.


Avoid disturbing noises, excited discussions and any behavior that could bother other guests or tenants of the apartment building, especially at night


Pets are not allowed.

1) SMOKING IS STRICTLY  FORBIDDEN in the entire apartment (for your safety, each room has smoke detectors)
2) it is prohibited to make use of the kitchen of the House for any purpose, excluding for the refrigerator that can be used to temporarily store perishable purchases taking care to leave a note with your name; fridge content is not disposable for guests without authorization.
3) it is prohibited to wander inside the apartment wearing clothes that may offend other people decency


For everyone’s safety, you must always close the door anytime you leave or come back to the apartment. Always make sure that doors and windows are also closed.


Be sure to turn off lights, air conditioners, televisions, and any other electric device every time you leave the room. Water is precious, let us make good use of it. We limit the laundry service for the environment.

Courtesy rules

Being a private apartment, then inhabited, we ask guests not to wander where it is not allowed and to retaliate the sense of  privacy and discretion that the owners have towards the guests themselves.

Common room

Common room use is intended only for breakfast. This main room and the kitchen are areas devoted to the daily family activities of managers, it is strictly prohibited to dispose of the objects in this room.


Staying at B&B Sotto le Stelle ai Decumani means accepting these rules.
If a guest is caught in non-compliance with this regulation, he might be requested to immediately leave the facility without refund and, if necessary, with the intervention of the police.

Our only intention is to offer a high quality service at an accessible price. This regulation arises from the need to avoid unpleasant and embarrassing situations caused by inappropriate behavior of some guests that might make feel uncomfortable both managers and other guests in the House.
We are open to any suggestions to improve our service.
Thank you!

Per la sicurezza di tutti, ad ogni  uscita ed entrata chiudere  sempre la porta d’ingresso a chiave ed assicurarsi che porte e finestre siano altresì’ chiuse.

Abbiate cura di spegnere  luci, condizionatori, televisori, ed altro ogni volta che lasciate la stanza. L’acqua è preziosa, facciamone buon uso.

Senso Civico
Essendo un appartamento privato, quindi abitato, si pregano gli ospiti di non curiosare laddove non sia consentito e di ricambiare la privacy e la discrezione che i proprietari hanno verso gli ospiti stessi.

Sala Comune
L’uso del salone è inteso solo per la colazione. Salone e
Cucina sono zone dedite alle quotidiane attività familiari dei gestori, in nessuno caso si dovrà prenderne possesso o lasciare nella sala oggetti personali.

Soggiornare presso il BB  significa accettare il presente regolamento.
Nel caso in cui un ospite sia colto nell’inosservanza del presente regolamento, potrebbe incorrere nella richiesta di lasciare immediatamente la struttura, senza rimborsi e, se necessario, con l’intervento della forza pubblica.

Il nostro unico intento è quello di offrire un servizio di alta qualita’ ad un prezzo
accessibile. Il presente regolamento nasce dalla necessità di evitare situazioni spiacevoli ed imbarazzanti provocate in passato dal comportamento noncurante e poco civile di alcuni ospiti, che mettono a disagio sia i gestori, sia altri ospiti presenti in casa.

Siamo aperti a qualsiasi suggerimento per migliorare il nostro servizio.